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Kindergarten Developing Decoders Collection (540 Books + 12 Anthologies - Green Set)

Kindergarten Developing Decoders Collection (540 Books + 12 Anthologies - Green Set)

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If you are delving into the Science of Reading research and focusing on a structured literacy approach to classroom instruction in your Kindergarten classroom, this Kindergarten Developing Decoders Collection is for you!

This UFLI Aligned decodable book collection contains 90 titles with 6 copies per title. There are a total of 540 books 


+ 12 Anthologies in the Kindergarten Developing Decoders Collection and they are available to ship now! 


Your order of this product will be shipped in 2 display boxes in order to accommodate the 90 titles and 6 copies of each title - which will equal 540 books + 12 Anthologies for kindergarten classroom use.

This purchase is for decodable BOOKS ONLY.

See the Decodable Book titles below.

Alphabet Book Title
Anthology Story Titles
7.  f Tap and Pat
8.  i Fit on the Map
9.  n Nip at the Sap
10.  CVC practice short a, short i Tim and Pim Tap Fins
11.   Nasalized A (am, an) Pam and Maps
12.   o Tom Mops
13.   d Dip in the Dim Pit
14.   c /k/ Cod for the Cop
15.   u Dot in the mud
16.   g Pig and Pug Dig
17.    b Cob for Cub and Bub
18.    e Bug in a Net
19.   VC & CVC Practice (all) Beg for a Nap
20.   -s /s/ Ten Cats
21.    -s /z/ Tag with Cubs and Pigs
22.    k Skip the Task
23.    h Hog Hits His Hip
24.    r Part 1 Rat in a Rut
25.    r Part 2 Grub on a Crop
26.    l Part 1 The Lab's Leg
27.    l Part 2, al Slug and Grub
28.   w Wig in the Web
29.    j Jon's Grub
30.   y Yen Asks
31.    x Fox and Ox
32.  qu Quin Runs
33.   v Vic and the Vet
34.   z Zac Zigs and Zags
Alphabet Review & Longer Words 32

Titles = 192 books
35a.  Short A Review
Bad Max
Tad's Bag
35b.  Short A Review (nasalized a)
Jam, Sam, Jam!
Cam and Tam
35c.  Short A Advanced Review
Camp Is a Blast!
Stan and the Lamp
36a.  Short I Review
Pip the Pig
Tim Fibs
36b.  Short I Advanced Review
Twins on a Trip
Skip in the Wind
37a.   Short O Review
Cod and Cobs
The Big Job
37b.   Short O Advanced Review
The Big Stomp
Spot Is Soft
38a.   Short A, I, O Review
Cat and Dog
The Map
38b.   Short A, I, O Advanced Review
Crab's Pals
39a.   Short u review (CVC)
Run, Pup, Run
Cub in the Tub
39b.   Short u advanced review (CCVC, CVCC)
Slug in a Slump
Do Not Trust the Rust!
40a.   Short e review (CVC)
Ten Pens
Get in Bed, Jen!
40b.   Short e advanced review (CCVC, CVCC)
The Sled
A Tent for Dad
41a.   Short vowel review (CVC)
Pals and Pets
Rob and the Pup
41b.   Short vowel advanced review 1 (CCVC, CVCC)
Swim with a Croc
Lift the Flap
41c.   Short vowel advanced review 2 (CCVCC, CCCVC)
Fred Strums
Spot's Sprint
Digraphs 24

Titles = 144 books
42.   ff, ll, ss, zz
Buzz and Fuzz
Red Hill
43.  -all, -oll, -ull
A Doll in the Mall
The Fall Ball
44.   ck
The Lock
Can You Pick?
45.   sh
Ships in the Shop
46.   Voiced th
This or That?
Will and Matt
47.   Unvoiced th
Math Moth
The Lost Tusk
48.   ch
Chad and the Chick
Chip the Champ
49.   Digraphs Review 1
The Black Flash
Trad the Troll
50.   wh, ph
What's in the Pond?
The Pals Whack and Smack!
51.   ng
Swings and Wings
A Trip to Hong Kong
52.   n /ŋ/ (as in nk)
Not My Bunk!
A Pink Sink
53.   Digraphs Review 2
The Fish Tank
Will Ralph Wish?
VCe 20

Titles = 120 Books
54.   a_e
Jake the Snake
Wade Bakes a Cake
55.   i_e
Kites for Sale
Mike Hikes
56.   o_e
Mack the Mole
Cole Saves the Shop
57.   VCe Review 1; e_e
Zeke's Sale
Eve Bakes
58.   u_e
Luke and June
The Duke of Plume
59.   VCe Review 2
June's Flute
60.   _ce /s/
Lost in Space
The Big Race
61.   _ge /j/
Gale on Stage
Sage the Strange Snake
62.   VCe Review 3; VCe exceptions
June's Trunk (VCe exceptions)
Grace and Cam (VCe exceptions)
Pete's Pals (review)
Gene's Theme (review)
Reading Longer Words 14

Titles = 84 books
63.  -es
Passes and Misses
The Lunches
64.  -ed
Jess Is Listed
Mike Hates to Camp!
65.  -ing
Dashing Dan
Stressing About Math
66.   Closed & Open Syllables
Fun in the Sun
The Van Trip
67a.   Compound Words
The Sandbox Hike
Fun at Sunup
67b.  Closed/Closed
Picnic Time
Fishing at the Cabin
68.   Open/Closed
The Robot
The Music Box



 Tad's Bag  - short a review

Cole Saves the Shop  - o_e 

Moo the Town Cow  - diphthongs


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